Reflection Questions

– Reflection Questions for “Waking Life” (PDF)

– Reflection Questions for Plato’s “Republic,” Books 6 and 7 (PDF)

– Group Discussion Questions for Kant’s Critique of Judgment (PDF)

Tools for Reading and Writing

– Checklist for Editing Your Paper (PDF)

– How to Read Philosophy (PDF)

Rubrics and Evaluations

– Rubric for Papers (PDF)
The organization of this rubric is adapted from Scott Crider’s The Office of Assertion: An Art of Rhetoric for Academic Essays. The rubric’s categories are modified to emphasize philosophical argumentation and evidence.

– Rubric for Class Blog (PDF)

– Self-Evaluation – for Philosophy of Film (PDF)

– Peer Evaluations – for Philosophy of Film (PDF)

Sample Assignments and Exams

– Prompt for Introduction to Philosophy (PDF)

– Presentation for Introduction to Philosophy of Art (PDF)

– Video Projects for Introduction to Philosophy of Film (PDF)